• Feb 1, 2014: CheckDroid has received a $50K grant from NSF for participation in the iCorps program for academic startups!
  • Aug 20, 2014: CheckDroid has received a $25K Phase 1A grant from GRA Ventures!
  • Jul 23, 2014: Presented my FMAP paper and X-PERT demo at ISSTA 2014!
  • Jun 24, 2014: Attended Google IO and presented my PhD poster at the research lab.
  • Jun 3, 2014: I presented my research at the ICSE 2014 Doctoral symposium.


I am a PhD candidate in the School of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. I work in the Software Engineering group under the supervision of Dr. Alex Orso. My research goal is to improve the testing and maintenance of modern software applications across multiple platforms. In the past, I have also worked on improved penetration testing for web applications.

In 2012, I was awarded the TI:GER fellowship, which changed my focus towards commercializing my research. Under this program, I have created CheckDroid, which is a service to help Android developers test their applications across different mobile devices.

Over the past few years, I have also worked at several companies including Google ('11), Fujitsu Labs of America ('11), Yahoo! ('10), IBM Research ('09), Goldman Sachs ('08) and HSBC Software.


My primary research is focused on Cross-platform Testing and Maintenance of Modern Software Applications (web and mobile). Under this, I have created and released research tools under the following projects:

For more information about my work, please see my publications


If you would like to connect with me, feel free to email me at (my_first_name) or send me a message through this website.